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Are you thinking at a corporate event at some exceptional surroundings among a centenarian forest?

What can you do?


  Team building activities

  Outdoor training


  And much more...

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    Team building



    We agree with each group or company the type of activity they want to do in the park. Apart from the facilities, we also provide security training and all the equipment. Contact us and we will surely find a proposal to your liking and adjusted to your needs and budget.

    What can you include?

    You can complement the activities in the park with the following ones that we propose:

      Descent of the Ter in kayak at sunriser

      Horseback ride on the beach to watch the sunset

      Departures and dinners on a sailboat

      Immersion in the Mede Islands

      Discover the most spectacular corners of the Costa Brava on foot, on horseback, by bicycle or by kayak

      Fly over the coves and cliffs of the Costa Brava with ultralight

    If you are interested in adding more adventure experiences in the park with other activities for your company, get in contact and we will manage it for you.



    Adventure activities

    Parc Aventura is one of the best places for teambuilding. In our parks, you and your colleagues will enjoy more than 200 adventure activities. You will climb nets, climb stairs, cross over hanging bridges, and descend to the ground by the different zip lines. These are some of the activities that you will find in the park.

      A circuit of tirolinas of more than 2,000 meters

      Up to 29 different types of hanging bridges

      A jump to the emptiness from 13 meters in Platja d'Aro and from 10 meters in Pals

      Stairs and adventure swings

    Security in the park

    Our priority is that you feel safe during the activity in our parks. That's why we use CLiC-iT® smart carabiners that prevent accidental disengagement of the two connectors at the same time. With them it is impossible for you to become detached from the lifeline! These carabiners guarantee:

      Maximum security on all routes

      Simplicity in its use



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    If you are interested in carrying out a team building with us, ask us for more information and solve your doubts by filling out this form. We will answer you as fast as possible.

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