The group has 2 hours to enjoy the multi-adventure circuits of their choice. In addition, we have reserved a surprise for the host. We provide you with security training and equipment.

What can you include?

We give you the possibility to complete your children's birthday party with any of the options we offer

  A magic or animation show

  Thematize your birthday. Contact us and see our offer of theme parties.

  A birthday cake

If you are interested in completing your experience in the park with other adventure activities for your bachelor / bachelor party, get in contact and we will manage it for you.




Adventure activities

Parc Aventura is one of the best places to celebrate children's birthdays. In our parks, your children will enjoy more than 200 adventure activities. They will climb networks, climb stairs, cross over hanging bridges, and descend to the ground by the different zip lines. These are some of the activities that you will find in the park.

  A circuit of tirolinas of more than 2,000 meters

  Up to 29 different types of hanging bridges

  A jump to the emptiness from 13 meters in Platja d'Aro and from 10 meters in Pals

  Stairs and adventure swings

Security in the park

Our priority is that you feel safe to enjoy your children's birthday party without worries. That's why we use CLiC-iT® smart carabiners that prevent accidental disengagement of the two connectors at the same time. With them it is impossible for you to become detached from the lifeline! These carabiners guarantee:

  Maximum security on all routes

  Simplicity in its use



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