Smart carabiners

We use personal protective equipments designed especially for leisure activities in height according to the Directive 89/686/EEC. It consists of two connectors with a top that include three levels of security: detecting anchor metal (using a magnet), a trigger for safe unlocking and synchronization opening/closing. The top includes a buckle attached to the harness under standards EN12277

With those carabiners it is impossible to be unloosed!

Security is our priority and for this reason, we have very strict safety regulations

  The park safety is regulated by the European Regulation UNE EN 15567-1 for the construction and UNE EN 15567-2 for the operation. The construction and the material used in our facilities are accredited annually by an external audit certification according to European directives.

  In addition a phytosanitary study is performed annually with a complete diagnosis of the health and resistance of the trees affected by the construction.

  Preserving ecological values ​​of the forest is our main goal and for that reason, we specially care about the environment, such as the way pathways are signalized and we do not use any metallic element in order not to harm the trees and their growth.

  All fasteners are made ​​using pressure systems and the tree barks are protected by protectors of treated wood.

  The quality and safety of the facilities and equipment have been certified by an external auditing firm.

  Our instructors will give you and your children the personal required protective equipment EPI. Once you’re equipped you will be directed to the area of initiation or briefing, where our instructors will explain the safety rules so that you and your children can progress safely to the platforms and the games.

  At all times there will be a monitor from the ground that supervises safety maneuvers and proper use of the activity.

  All circuits and equipment are revised daily before the opening of the park.