The entrance is free. You only pay for realizing the acrobatic circuits.
Different acrobatic tracks hanged up in the trees at different heights depending on the difficulty: ladders, bridges, nets, zip lines, tunnels, suspended bridges, swinging logs, lianas.
There is no need for previous knowledge or experience, given that our experienced monitors provide all the necessary and safety information before starting the circuits.
We recommend you to bring comfortable clothes, sport shoes and ponytail if applicable. Our team provides you with the rest of necessary equipment for doing the activity. You cannot do the activities with open shoes like beach tongues or shoes that are not holding well the feet.
The kids circuit is accessible to children from 3 years to 6 years old. All children must be accompanied from the ground by an adult. The remaining circuits are accessible to children depending on their height. The green circuit from 120cm, the zip lines circuits from 130cm and the red and black from 145cm.
Apart from the children’s circuit, all the other circuits are for adults as well as children depending on their height. The green circuit from 120cm, the zip lines circuits from 130 cm and the red and black from 145 cm.
There is no need for specific physical condition because the circuits are designed for all type of public.
There is no need to bring any special equipment. We provide it to you.
To acquire the circuits, we provide the equipment and training necessary for climbing on the circuits.
For strict safety regulations we do not permit the circuits for people over 100kg.
Approximately 20 to 30 minutes each circuit depending on the circuit and depending on the skill and agility of each person. To do the entire park is approximately 2’5 – 3 hours.
In these cases, a instructor will help you to go down in a easy and safe evacuation maneuver.
Our park has a very high level security device and since the introduction of the inteligents carabineers en 2012, kids can do the curcuits without adults.
The circuits can be realized only once. However you can repeat it at very economical cost.
You can eat in the area equipped for rest and picnic. We have tables and benches. The park does not provide food but has a bar with some snacks .
Animals can access the park if they go tied and under the supervision of the owners.
The role of the monitors is to provide all the instruction on the use of the equipment and the circuits, as well as safety regulations, to give proper supervision from the ground and control safety maneuvers.
This activity can be done all year. It is only suspended in case of adverse weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, strong winds, etc. In these cases you receive a voucher for another day.
You will find all levels of difficulties: from relatively easy circuits of harder and greater height. It just depends on your choice.
It is only required to book the tables during the high season (July and August). This service is free. During the high season will be limited to a duration of 2 hours.
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