In Pals and Platja d'Aro more than 200 adventure activities are waiting for you! You will have to climb among the trees, through a multitude of hanging bridges, balance games, liana, giant swings, Tarzan jumps, high pendulums and demonstrate your abilities by climbing ropes, nets, parrot stairs, climbing walls, and more.
If you like adventure and want to live one with your friends and family, we offer you a park of zip-lines where you can feel all the adrenaline and fun that you have inside.


Our star product!
In Platja d'Aro you will find the largest zip-line circuit in Spain. An exciting journey of 45 minutes at a dizzying height.
In Pals you will find two 100-meter zip-lines where you will experience the feeling of flying. Enjoy our exclusive air circuits in a privileged environment.
You will also find zip lines in all the park circuits such as rolling games, lianas, swings, trapezes, hurdles and pendants.

  More than 1.500 meters of zip lines in Platja d'Aro

  More than 500 meters of zip lines in Pals

Jump into the void

Do you dare to fall into the void from 13 meters high? This activity is accessible for adults and children (they must measure at least 150cm in height). Do not worry about security, we have instructors that are in charge of monitoring all your movements and also of doing a security briefing with the necessary material before beginning any circuit. Each zip-line park has an activity of this type, reserved for the most courageous.

  A leap into the void from 13 meters high in Platja d’Aro

  A leap into the void from 10 meters high in Pals

Suspension bridges

What would be the adventure without the hanging bridges? Cross between the trees on suspended structures that will make you feel like a true explorer. Most of the circuits in the park have a suspension bridge on their route.

You will find monkey bridges, Tibetans, Nepalese, narrow, mobile and up to 29 other types. All you have to do is to prove that you have an adventurer's spirit.

Climbing walls, nets and strings

Dare to climb higher than 15 meters in the 2 climbing walls of our zip line park. Test your skills as a climber on the vertical wall and reach the highest point of the circuit.

Reach the sky through our trunks, nets and ropes and test yourself in our most demanding circuits.

You get to climb to the top and get a magnificent view of the entire park. These activities are accessible from 150cm high.

Balance games

Test your motor skills, coordination and balance in our unique and exclusive acrobatic games, where skill is imposed on strength. Move yourself like a feline through air travel that will surprise you by its variety and originality

Find your limits by increasing the difficulty progressively until you reach the highest point of demand, the Cap de Creus Circuit or simply enjoy lower circuits to release tensions.

You decide where you want to arrive!

Adventure Ladder

In the multiadventure parks you will find stairs of different route and difficulty that will make you enjoy a unique experience, climbing the trees like an authentic adventurer. Behold a unique environment from the top and feel like a true explorer as you feel all the adrenaline inside you.

  8 adventure ladders in Platja d’Aro

  6 adventure ladders in Pals